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One-on-One SAT Test Prep Tutoring

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Private SAT Tutors

MathTowne offers one-on-one SAT Test Prep in San Jose, CA. We also offer the San Francisco area with top quality SAT Tutoring (Bay Area, CA). We provide you with a vetted and professional private tutor to make SAT preparation simple and fun. Our tutors can meet in person in the comfort of your own home, or remotely through a tablet or computer. 

Customized SAT program

Our team utilizes our SAT Tutoring Bay Area course to help students prepare. We ensure improvement in student performance. We provide an in-depth breakdown of all practice tests to ensure improvement in the English and Math sections. Our instructors explain the course material and help students learn how to study effectively. Our tutors will make the SAT as easy to comprehend as possible.

How our Customized SAT Program creates results

Expert sat tutors

Our SAT prep tutors have years of experience helping students to succeed on their SAT exams. Every session is customized and targeted towards each student’s unique needs.

We provide you with two specialists – an SAT Math tutor and an SAT Reading and Writing tutor. This ensures our instructors can truly provide detailed SAT tutoring and in-depth help for each subject.

SAT Practice Tests

Every student will improve their SAT score by building their test stamina. We provide our students with regular full-length SAT practice tests that help them build their stamina and confidence for the real thing.

Our tutors then use detailed analyses of each test in order to provide feedback, targeted instruction, and guidance.


To further enhance the SAT prep course, we also teach time management, study skills, and test-taking strategies. These fundamental skills enable students to better overcome the challenges of the SATs and greatly improve their scores.

measurable results

We work with you and your family to set realistic and achievable goals from the start. We tailor our program to meet your individual needs and make sure all expectations are clear and understood. This allows us to guarantee measurable results.

We provide you with a detailed analysis and breakdown of each SAT practice test, regular progress updates, and a results-oriented plan for continuous improvement.

How our SAT Prep Program works


Schedule your full-length diagnostic test

This takes a minute and is free with no obligation to sign up


Take the diagnostic test on your own schedule

We recommend taking the test in one sitting and starting it at the same time of day that the real SAT would be taken around 8:30 am – 9:00 am


Free consultation to review the results

We provide you with a detailed result analysis, score breakdown and discuss any questions you may have.


Fully customized Program

Based on the diagnostic results, your target score, timeline, and availability, we provide you with a fully personalized SAT test prep package proposal.


MathTowne Test Prep Portal

Once you choose the package options and sign up, we provide you with log-in credentials to our SAT portal. The portal includes over 2,000 practice questions with video solutions


Flexible scheduling

We provide you with a complete schedule and program plan that covers lesson 1 all the way to the day of the SAT test. Along the way, we are flexible and able to accommodate scheduling changes as well as increased or decreased need for tutoring based on the progress being made.


Adaptive Instruction

One-on-one lessons, assignments, custom quizzes, and areas of focus are adjusted session by session.


Regular full-length practice tests

Throughout the program, we administer full-length practice tests. This ensures students are building their test stamina as well as provides a measurable output to track progress. The detailed analysis of each test further guides our tutors on exactly what areas to focus their instruction on.

What’s my SAT score starting point?

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What do you need to know about the SAT?

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized entrance exam to test college readiness for high school students in the United States. The subject matter from the school year makes up a huge portion of the test.

The total score is calculated using the total section of the SAT. Each of these sections is scored from 200-800. The final score a student receives ranges from 400 to 1600.

How is the SAT scored?

Each section of the SAT is scored from 200-800. The total of each section is added to get a student’s final score. The final score a student can receive ranges from 400 to 1600.

Each question is weighted the same. Only correct answers are scored, so there is no penalty for guessing.

What are common struggles with the SAT?

The SAT exam is a very difficult test that will require students to put in a lot of hours in preparation. Most students will not have taken this test before encountering it. This might be the first time students are faced with this level of difficulty on a test.

How to prep for the SAT?

Students will need to approach this test using a whole different learning approach. Most importantly, students need to overcome the broad scope of the test. It includes all the following aspects: Math, Reading, Writing, and Language.

In order to score high, students will need to show their capability in all areas of the test. In 2022, only 1% of students who took the SAT scored a 1450 or higher

Understanding The SAT Format

Reading Section

Questions: 52 multiple-choice

Time: 60 minutes

The reading section tests a student’s reading comprehension.  Students will be asked to read and analyze selected passages.

No point deductions for incorrect answers.

Wrting & Language Section

Question: 44 multiple-choice 

Time: 35 minutes 

The writing & language section tests a student’s general knowledge of English language mechanics and conventions and overall writing skills.

No point deductions for incorrect answers

Math (No Calculator) Section

Questions: 20 multiple-choice & free-response

Time: 25 minutes 

The math section tests a student’s knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, and elementary Trigonometry without a calculator.

No point deductions for incorrect answers

Math (Calculator) Section

Questions: 38 multiple choice & free response

Time: 55 minutes

This section tests a student’s knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, and elementary Trigonometry, with a calculator

No point deductions for incorrect answers.

What topics are covered in the SAT?

SAT English

The SAT reading and writing section will have students read and analyze passages in the following categories:

  • US/World Literature
  • US founding document or text inspired by a founding document
  • Social Science (economics, psychology, sociology, etc.)
  • Science (Earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, etc)

Students will be expected to show capabilities in the following:

  • Finding evidence in the text
  • Use of context clues to define word meaning
  • Accurately analyzing and interpreting data

For the SAT Writing section, students will also be expected to show understanding of standard English conventions (grammar) and expression (style).

SAT Math

The SAT math section will include the following:

Students will be expected to show capabilities in the following:

  • Solving equations and inequalities
  • Translating word problems to math equations
  • Interpreting graphs and charts

Only a maximum of 10% of the test will cover Geometry and Trigonometry questions. These questions will only be basic questions on these subjects. 

Working with Anh and Truccey to boost my SAT score was such an enjoyable experience for me. In a few short months, I went from scoring low 1200s to 1500s consistently. I cannot express the gratitude I have for both of them because in more ways than they know it, they have changed my entire life for the better.

– Hunter

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