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What is the AP English Literature & COmposition Exam?

What is the AP English Literature Exam?

Most high schools offer AP Literature and AP Language. Students can receive college credit for the course and/or the opportunity to take more advanced college courses. AP English Literature & Composition is comparable to one-semester of college English. It will provide your future college student with useful knowledge and a head start.  

In order to receive college credits for this course, students are encouraged to earn a score of 3 or higher.

How is the AP English Literature test scored?

Sections 1 and 2 are both scored using computers, selected college professors, and expert AP English Literature teachers.  They are all combined to create the composite score. Each student’s composite score is then converted into a 1-5 scoring system. 

Students who get a score of 3, 4, or 5 will be able to submit their test results to prospective universities. This provides them with college English credit and/or advanced placement in future courses at those schools.

How long is the AP Lit exam?

The duration of the Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition is 3 hours. It is divided into two parts: a multiple-choice section and a free-response section.

What do I need to know?

Students are expected to apply the cumulative knowledge from language arts and their AP English Literature class to accurately answer the questions. Students are strongly encouraged to have a strong proficiency in literary analysis and understanding of literary rhetorical devices.

AP English Literature Exam Format

section 1

Consists of a total of 55 multiple-choice questions.  Students are given 1 Hour to complete the section. It is worth 45% of the total AP Exam Score.

  • Divided into 5 sections with 8-13 questions in each section
  • Will always include at least 2 prose passages and at least 2 poetry passages


  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical literary analysis
  • Familiarity with works of fiction, drama, and poetry

Section 2

Consists of a total of 3 free response questions. Students are given 2 Hours to complete the section. It is worth 55% of the total AP Exam Score.

  • Part A asks for a literary analysis of a predetermined poem
  • Part B asks for a literary analysis of a predetermined work of prose fiction
  • Part C asks for an analysis of an appropriate work selected by the student. The analysis should be an examination of concepts and themes in the student selected work.


  • In-depth analysis of selected works of fiction, drama, and poetry

Common Challenges AP Lit Students Face

AP Literature is a challenging course that requires students to engage with complex texts, analyze literary devices, and develop critical thinking skills. Many students face common struggles as they navigate the coursework and prepare for the exam.

Time management: With a heavy workload that includes reading, analyzing, and writing about multiple texts each week, students may struggle to balance their AP Literature coursework with their other academic and extracurricular commitments.

Understanding and analyzing literary devices: Literary devices such as symbolism, metaphor, and imagery can be challenging to identify and analyze, and many students may find themselves struggling to develop the necessary skills to do so effectively.

Writer’s block: Many students have difficulty organizing their thoughts when writing essays or responses. The pressure to produce high-quality work on a tight deadline can be overwhelming, and some students may feel stuck or unsure of how to proceed.

Test anxiety: The AP Literature exam is a high-stakes test that can determine a student’s college admissions prospects and scholarship opportunities, and the pressure to perform well on the exam can be overwhelming for some students.

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students research frequently asked questions about the AP english exams

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Rather, they are a great way for you to get ahead. Particularly for the sake of college admissions,  colleges want to see students who challenge themselves. AP classes show the admission committee that you are ready to handle college level coursework and pacing. AP classes allow you to try out specialized courses for an early start on your concentration of choice.

This is a very subjective question as every student and their situation is different. There are many qualified tutoring services available for all AP subjects. In our opinion the best ones consist of people who have experience and genuinely care about their students. Although more expensive, we believe one-on-one lessons are the most effective type of tutoring.

This will depend on both your comfort with your writing as well as your major. Unless your AP English teacher is exceptionally good, college English courses would provide you with the extra confidence you might need in your writing. Professors will expect a different caliber of writing and to ensure expectations are met, it is up to you to decide whether freshman English is right for you. 

Generally speaking, if your area of concentration will require extensive writing, it is recommended that you still take classes at the college level just to optimize your writing skills.

The answer depends on you. AP Literature focuses on literary analysis and will ask students to provide in-depth analysis of literary works of fiction, drama, and poetry. AP Language focuses instead on deconstructing arguments and rhetorical strategies. More often than not, AP Language will utilize works of nonfiction. 

If your strength is in analysis and you are familiar with many works of literature, AP Literature would be a good choice. If vocabulary and textual analysis are more for you, you are probably more suited for AP Language.

The works read in your AP English Literature class are locally selected by your teacher. It is in your best interest to be familiar with a wide variety of works for the student choice free-response question (Part C of Section 2). Generally speaking, popular works read in many schools include The Scarlet Letter, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Flies, Catch-22, Beloved, and many more. For a more comprehensive list try visiting https://blog.prepscholar.com/ap-literature-reading-list

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, there should be plenty of qualified tutors in your area. If you are looking for online lessons MathTowne is an excellent source for AP English help. If you live in the San Francisco South Bay Area we are also happy to provide in-person tutoring to you.

The short answer is it depends on your school. Some schools require certain passing grades or proof of general understanding as prerequisites. It also depends on how well you understand the concepts of English essay composition. MathTowne Tutoring is more than happy to help you with a free consultation to help you decide what’s the best path for you.

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