College Essay Help Near You – Online & In Person Sessions

Once you’ve conquered the standardized exams and AP classes, the next step is to finalize your college readiness with a stunning university application.

Our essay specialists will work one-on-one to help create your college list, tackle your essays and personal statements, and submit high-quality applications before every due date.

how our College Essay Program works


College Application Counseling

What we do
  • Get to know the student and their goals
  • Put together a customized timeline tracker and plan
  • Clearly explain admission requirements
  • Provide industry resources


Research College Lists

What we do
  • Instruct use of MathTowne’s College Tracker
  • Differentiate between universities to find the right fit
  • Teach students effective college research methods
  • Identify and resolve common misconceptions


Brainstorm & Draft Essays

What we do
  • Guide students through multiple prewriting exercises
  • Decode challenging prompts
  • Ensure the best narrative topics are chosen for each application
  • Help to draft & redraft main essays


Revise Essays for Excellence

What we do
  • Collaborate to assess content and prompt adherence of each essay
  • Provide suggestions to enhance essay structure
  • Focus on CRP (Concision-Revision-Precision)
  • Utilize resume verbs to level up essay writing


Finalize & Refine Essays

What we do
  • Maintain high-quality writing under the required word count
  • Promote clarity in short essays without losing the unique writing style
  • Assess the grammar, word choice, and word count
  • Utilize Backwards Proofreading technique to ensure lack of errors


Submit Your Applications!

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