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MathTowne Tutoring offers comprehensive college application assistance to high school students. Our services include college essay editing and online and in-person counseling with a college essay coach.

Our essay tutors will work one-on-one to help create your college list, tackle your essays and personal statements, and submit high-quality applications before every due date.

College essay help online for college applications with the common app and/or coalition app

Why find a college essay Tutor?

College essay coaches are professional writers who specialize in helping students craft compelling and effective essays that showcase their strengths and unique qualities. Here are some reasons why investing in a college essay coach is essential:


College essay coaches are experts in their field. They have years of experience working with students, helping them to identify and highlight their strengths, and guiding them through the essay writing process. They know what admissions officers are looking for and can help your child create an essay that stands out from the crowd.

Personalized Attention

College essay coaches work one-on-one with your child, providing personalized attention and support. They will get to know your child, their interests and goals, and help them articulate their thoughts and ideas in a way that is clear and compelling.

Timely Feedback

College essay coaches provide feedback and guidance throughout the entire essay writing process. They can help your child brainstorm ideas, develop an outline, and revise their drafts until they are polished and ready to submit.


Writing college essays can be a stressful and intimidating experience. Finding college essay help near you can help your child feel more confident and prepared, reducing their stress and anxiety and allowing them to put their best foot forward in the admissions process.

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College Application Help Service

Our college application help service, designed to assist parents and college-bound youth in navigating the complex college admissions process, includes college essay assistance. Our team of experienced coaches will work with your child to identify their unique strengths and experiences that make them strong candidates for college admissions.

Choosing Essay Topics

Our college essay coaches have years of experience working with students to craft successful personal statements. We understand what colleges are looking for in an essay and can work with your child to identify topics that not only highlight their strengths and interests but are personally meaningful and relevant to their academic and personal goals. We’ll help your child stand out to college admissions officers while avoiding common essay pitfalls, such as writing about generic topics or using clichés.

Help From Expert College Essay Writing Tutors

Our experts provide guidance and support throughout the writing process. They’ll help your child develop a strong thesis statement, organize their thoughts, and revise their drafts. We’ll guide your child in finding the right balance between showcasing their personality and staying on topic. With our help, your child can write a compelling essay that sets them apart from other applicants.

Provide Feedback and Editing Support

Our coaches provide feedback on your child’s essay drafts and offer suggestions for improvement. They’ll provide editing support so that your child’s essays read smoothly and effectively with no errors. Our college essay coaching services also help your child address any weaknesses or gaps in their essays to ensure that they meet the requirements of the admissions committee.

how our College Essay Program works


College Application Assistance

Counseling with our experts about students' college applications
What we do
  • Get to know the student and their goals
  • Put together a customized timeline tracker and plan
  • Clearly explain admission requirements
  • Provide industry resources


Research College Lists

Researching list of colleges that the student is interested in attending and applying to
What we do
  • Instruct use of MathTowne’s College Tracker
  • Differentiate between universities to find the right fit
  • Teach students effective college research methods
  • Identify and resolve common misconceptions


Brainstorm & Draft Essays

Brainstorm and draft college essays early on by organizing and choosing topics
What we do
  • Guide students through multiple pre-writing exercises
  • Decode challenging prompts
  • Ensure the best narrative topics are chosen for each application
  • Help draft & redraft main essays


College essay editing

Revising the college essay as a step on the college application checklist
What we do
  • Collaborate to assess content and prompt adherence to each essay
  • Provide suggestions to enhance essay structure
  • Focus on CRP (Concision-Revision-Precision)
  • Utilize resume verbs to level up essay writing


Finalize & Refine Essays

Finalize and refine essays and college application
What we do
  • Maintain high-quality writing under the required word count
  • Promote clarity in short essays without losing the unique writing style
  • Assess the grammar, word choice, and word count
  • Utilize the Backwards Proofreading technique to ensure a lack of errors


Submit Your Applications!

Timeline for college admissions to high school graduation


Head Private English Tutor Truccey Nguyen-Do

Truccey Nguyen-Do

English Instructor & College Counselor

Truccey has over 7 years of experience tutoring SAT English, AP exams, and academic writing to students of all ages. She received her BA in History and minor in Japanese at San Jose State University. Truccey also assists students in planning and organizing their college admissions process where she provides guidance on researching universities and navigating the application procedures.

After graduation, she worked for two years as both English Teacher and Sales Marketer for a private school in Japan. After her time working abroad and in-state, she is experienced with working with students at all levels of English familiarity. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places, while also taking time for rest and relaxation at home with Hannibal the cat.

Jason morgan

College Essay Expert & Test Prep Instructor

Jason has twenty years of experience in the field of private tutoring and college counseling. He currently assists people on four different continents, and his clients have achieved acceptance to almost every exclusive university in the U.S. and Europe, including the Ivy League, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Sciences Po, HEC, Bocconi, Cambridge, and many others.

He regularly writes and updates educational books and curriculum, including several Princeton Review AP titles, and has published 40+ titles as an author and ghostwriter. He began his career at The Washington Post and later worked in script development in the Hollywood feature film industry.

English and Science Instructor Bryce Webster

Bryce Webster

English & Biology Instructor

Bryce graduated from Santa Clara University with a double major in Biology and Theater. She has experience with tutoring one-on-one and in groups of 5-10 for various AP classes. Bryce also focuses on proofreading essays, resumes, reports, and applications. She loves helping students actualize the well-polished, personal, and thought-out essays of their dreams. Many of her SAT and AP students eventually have her assist with the college application process.

Though her specialties lie in the two English-based exams as well as Biology and AP Environmental Science, Bryce enjoys reading and loves to work with younger students in literature-based settings. She is a firm believer that reading for fun or school makes you better in all parts of academia, not just in Literature.

Students and parents look for answers to frequently asked questions about college essays

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a college admissions essay?

The requirements for a college admissions essay can vary between colleges, but there are some general guidelines to follow. The requirements for a college admissions essay, including for the Common Application, typically involve a specific prompt or topic and a length of 250-650 words. The essay should showcase your writing ability and provide insight into your personality, values, and goals. It’s important to read and follow the instructions carefully, and to make sure the essay is well-written, organized, and free of errors. Many colleges also recommend having someone else, such as a teacher or counselor, review your essay before submitting it.

Are there any tips for writing a college admission essay?

How can I get help with my college application?

What is the application process for college?

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