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Middle Schools We Service:

  • The Harker School – Middle School
  • Stratford School – Middle School
  • John Muir Middle School
  • Dartmouth Middle School
  • Union Middle School
  • Ida Price Charter Middle School
  • Steindorf K-8 STEAM School
  • Willow Glen Middle School

High Schools We Service:

  • Branham High School
  • Henry T. Gunderson High School
  • Challenger School
  • Leigh High School
  • Harker School
  • Stratford School
  • Broadway High School
  • Pioneer High School
  • Presentation High School
  • Willow Glen High School
  • Discovery Charter School
  • Beacon School
  • Cambrian Academy

After School homework help: Subjects We Offer

math tutoring

MathTowne Tutoring offers 1-on-1 support to middle and high school students. Our experienced tutors assist with subjects ranging from Pre-Algebra to Calculus, guiding students through homework, boosting GPA, improving test scores, enhancing test-taking strategies and learning habits. This individualized approach ensures each student’s unique needs are addressed, fostering a deeper understanding and long-term success in their mathematical studies.

6th Grade Math

Students focus on foundational concepts such as fractions, decimals, and basic algebraic equations. They will also explore geometry and measurement, building skills that will prepare them for more advanced math concepts in the future.

7th Grade Math

Introduces more complex concepts such as ratios, proportions, and statistics. Students also delve deeper into algebra, geometry, and number systems, developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success in higher-level math.

8th grade Math

Students explore concepts such as linear equations, functions, and geometry, building on the skills learned in previous years. They will also have the opportunity to work on real-world math problems, applying their knowledge to practical situations.


Students delve into fundamental numerical concepts and master basic operations. Real-world applications and data interpretation are explored. Some geometry and statistics is also introduced. This comprehensive foundation sets the stage for future mathematical studies.


Geometry is the study of shapes, sizes, and positions of objects in space. Students explore points, lines, angles, polygons, area, volume, congruence, similarity, trigonometry, and the Pythagorean theorem.

algebra 1

Algebra 1 introduces students to fundamental concepts, such as solving equations, understanding variables, and working with functions. This class helps students develop problem-solving skills and a solid algebraic foundation.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is an advanced math course that expands on Algebra 1 concepts, covering polynomial functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, and systems of equations. This class enhances problem-solving skills and prepares students for higher-level math studies.

Integrated math

Integrated Math (IM 1, IM 2, IM 3 Stem) combines several branches of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, and statistics, to emphasize the connections between different areas of math and their real-world applications.


Trigonometry deals with the relationships between sides and angles of triangles. Topics include trig functions, identities, angles, inverse trig functions, and applications such as distance and height problems.


Precalculus builds on Algebra 2 and Trigonometry to prepare students for advanced calculus. Topics include logarithmic functions, polynomial functions, exponential functions, vectors, and complex numbers.


AP Calculus covers concepts such as limits, derivatives, integrals, sequences, series, and integration techniques. AB focuses on single variable calculus while BC adds advanced topics such as parametric, vector, and polar functions, and series convergence tests.

AP Statistics

Students interested in fields like social sciences, economics, psychology, biology, and any discipline that relies on data analysis and statistical reasoning would benefit from taking AP Stats. Students who score well on the AP Statistics exam may earn college credit or advanced placement in a college statistics course.

SCIENCE tutoring

We offers personalized sessions to help middle and high school students excel in science classes. Our tutors provide homework help and GPA support in subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, and Computer Science up to AP level. The 1-on-1 approach identifies individual strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted and efficient improvement and optimizing the learning experience for each student.

6th Grade Science

Students build a foundation in physical, life, and earth sciences, while fostering curiosity and critical thinking. They explore scientific concepts and develop important skills for success in higher-level science courses.

7th Grade Science

Students explore life, earth, and physical sciences in greater depth. They also develop scientific inquiry skills and deepen their understanding of key scientific concepts.

8th grade Science

8th grade science focuses on advanced concepts in life, earth, and physical sciences. Students engage in hands-on experimentation and develop critical thinking skills to prepare for high school science courses.”

Physics/ Ap Physics

High school physics introduces fundamental principles of mechanics, energy, and electricity. Through experiments and problem-solving, students develop critical thinking skills and gain insight into the laws governing the physical world, setting the stage for further studies in physics or related fields.

ap computer science

AP Computer Science delves into advanced principles of computer science using languages like Java. Focused on computational thinking and effective problem-solving, the course enhances programming skills and lays the groundwork for further studies in the field.

Chemistry/AP Chem

Students explore the properties and behavior of matter, including atomic structure, chemical bonding, reactions, stoichiometry, solutions, acids and bases, and organic chemistry. They also conduct laboratory experiments to measure the physical and chemical properties of substances.

english & Language arts Tutoring

From middle to high school, the language arts curriculum progresses students from foundational literacy skills to advanced literary analysis. Our personalized tutoring approach helps students strengthen their foundational knowledge, improve critical thinking, and excel in their English Language Arts studies.


Students focus on developing critical reading skills, including comprehension, analysis, and interpretation. They will read a variety of literary genres to build vocabulary and strengthen reading fluency.


Students focus on developing strong writing skills through various genres, such as narrative, expository, and persuasive writing. They learn to organize their thoughts, express themselves clearly, and develop their unique writing voice.


Students develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to the language through engaging activities and interactive lessons. They also explore the rich and diverse cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and study famous works of literature written in Spanish.

AP Literature

AP Literature and Composition is an advanced class that analyzes literature and hones composition skills at a college level. Students explore diverse literary works, emphasizing critical thinking and effective communication. The course prepares them for the AP Literature exam, enhancing analytical and writing skills for college-level English studies.

AP Language

AP Language and Composition is an advanced class that explores rhetorical analysis and effective communication at a college level. Students study non-fiction texts, emphasizing critical thinking and writing skills for the AP Language exam.

college essay help

We offer comprehensive college application assistance to high school students. Our services include college essay editing and college counseling. Our tutors work one-on-one to help create your college list, tackle your essays and personal statements, and submit high-quality applications before every due date.

test prep Tutoring

Our Test Prep Program is designed to meet the unique needs of each student. With customized study plans, practice materials, and one-on-one support, our program maximizes students’ readiness and confidence for success in their specific test-taking goals.


Our HSPT prep program provides comprehensive instruction in verbal, quantitative, reading, and language skills. Through targeted practice sessions and personalized guidance, we prepares students effectively for the challenges of the HSPT.


Our test prep program helps students prepare for the ACT or SAT. We focus on developing test-taking strategies, reviewing content in reading, writing, math, and science, and providing practice tests to build confidence and improve scores.

AP Exams

Advanced Placement Exams have become an essential step for students to show their academic and college readiness. Our team works together with students to master concepts, recognize patterns, and achieve more testing confidence.

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