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Why Find a Biology Tutor?

Common Challenges Biology Students Face

Biology is a fascinating subject, but it can also be challenging for many students. Here are some common challenges that biology students may face:

  1. Memorization: Biology involves a lot of memorization, including scientific terminology, anatomical structures, and biochemical pathways. Students may struggle to remember all of this information, especially if they are not accustomed to memorizing large amounts of material.
  2. Applying knowledge to new situations: More than memorization, biology also requires students to apply their knowledge to new situations and problems. This can be challenging for those who are used to more straightforward subjects.
  3. Vocabulary: Students must learn and understand a large vocabulary of scientific terms and may end up struggling to follow lectures or read textbooks.
  4. Scientific writing: Students are often required to write scientific reports or papers, which can be challenging for those who struggle with writing or have difficulty expressing their ideas in a scientific format.

The benefits of Biology tutoring

If your child finds the Biology class and homework to be overwhelming, you may need to hire a tutor. It’s very common for students to need Biology help. Almost all students benefit from working one-on-one with a private Biology tutor. 

Our expert Biology tutors look forward to helping your child. Tutored students will feel confident and be successful in their Biology lessons and class.

How our Biology tutors create results

Biology tutors instill study skills and test-taking strategies for middle and high school students

Biology Help

Our biology tutors understand the challenges that students face in biology and use a variety of instructional strategies and learning activities to help students build their understanding and confidence, such as:

  1. Clarifying complex concepts: Many complex concepts and processes, such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and genetics, can be broken down into simpler parts so that students understand how they fit together.
  2. Using visual aids: Biology involves a lot of visual information, including diagrams, illustrations, and animations. Our tutors use visual aids to help students visualize and understand biological concepts.
  3. Providing real-world examples: Biology concepts often have real-world applications, and our tutors use relevant examples to help students see the practical applications of what they are learning. This can make biology more engaging and interesting for students.
  4. Reviewing key vocabulary: Our tutors help students to understand and remember the large vocabulary terms found in the course by providing regular reviews and quizzes.

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Personalized instruction

With one-on-one sessions, our tutors can identify and address specific challenges your child has with Biology and tailor their instruction to meet individual learning needs. Regardless of where your student is in their Biology study, our customized program will yield great results. We guarantee our instruction will benefit each student whether they are struggling or simply need that extra push for excellence.

One of our main goals is to help students obtain a high grade in Biology class. We hope to help students develop strong study and learning skills that will benefit their success. 

in-home & online tutoring

MathTowne has online tutoring sessions as well as in-home for whatever suits your needs. We guarantee our in-home tutors are professional, safe, and knowledgeable for your peace of mind. 

If you choose to do remote lessons, we have some of the best tutors for doing Biology tutoring online. Our online biology tutors love to teach and are highly experienced in conducting fun and effective lessons. Online students can expect the same degree of success for study and test preparation.

biology tutors offer personalized instruction and a supportive environment for students

High school Biology skills and concepts

Biology is an introductory High School course that covers the principles governing life. This course will help students to better understand and appreciate all living things and the processes of life and living creatures. On a smaller scale, the course will also support developing students’ understanding of the phenomenon that is the human body. Our tutors offer insight guidance on many concepts including but not limited to the following:

Cell Biology

Introduction to the cell as the basic structure and functional unit of all living organisms.

Learn the components of cell theory.

Differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Describe the various phases of cell division.

Genetic and Evolution 

Explore the basics of DNA biology, including transcription and gene expression. 

Learn molecular and chromosomal genetics. 

Mendelian genetics and gene mapping. 

Learn mutation and repair and genetic basis of complex traits.

Ecology and Plant life

Examine the diversity of life and understand the biological process involved.

Learn plant diversity

Explain the process of photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, reproduction, behavioral process, and adaptation of the environment.

Animal and Human Body

Explore human and animal anatomy.

Compare and contrast human and animal physiology.

Fundamentals of Animal and Human genetics

Animal behavior and environmental adaptation

What is the difference between biology and AP biology?

General Biology is a lot easier than AP Biology. Biology is an introductory biology course that teaches on a simple level, eliminating the in-depth details.  AP Biology is an introductory college level course that prepares students for the Advanced Placement test. This course requires a more in-depth exploration of the topics covered in regular Biology. 

Comparatively, AP Biology requires extra time and study to be successful in the course. Also, it is important to perform well on the Advanced Placement Test at the end of the year. Students that earn a passing score are eligible to receive college credit or be placed into an advanced college course.  

I need help with my High school Biology Class

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Students and parents seeking answers to frequently asked questions about biology courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Biology is the primary field that produces a good understanding of all other science classes. Taking Biology as a high school student can help you understand the foundation of science. Biology is a division of many categories such as microbiology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and zoology to name a few. 

Biology is not just a class – it is also a career option. Biology career options and opportunities are currently increasing every year as new scientific advancements are made.

High School Biology is a course designed for high school students as a first science class. There are new basic biological concepts that high school students might find difficult. College Biology is in a more in-depth class at a faster learning pace. 

The Biology lab, even though similar, is more detailed in College than in High School. Students who plan to earn a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences should further research their options.

Yes, you can take Biology in High School without chemistry. However, if you are interested in AP Biology, chemistry is a prerequisite for it. You should take Chemistry if you intend to study in a STEM field, i.e. biomedical engineering. 

It is especially important for medical students to study both. While it is possible to study one without the other, Biology and Chemistry are deeply intertwined. You may be missing out if you do not study both topics. 

Biology is usually the first science class offered in high school. Freshmen usually take biology their first year, chemistry as a Sophomore, and then physics as a Junior. Most Seniors enrolled in AP Biology in order to receive college credits. 

Biology can be a challenging class for many students, especially if you have never taken a science class before. There are many methods that can help you succeed in Biology. First ,“Do your homework”, as doing your homework can help you understand the concept better. 

Second, “Create Flashcards”. Flashcards are a convenient way to quiz yourself and memorize vocabulary concepts. Lastly, “Ask Questions”. Asking many questions can help you understand the material better.