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One-on-One Geometry Tutoring for Middle school Students

Common challenges middle school geometry students have

Common Struggles Students Have with Geometry

Middle school students often struggle with geometry because it requires them to think spatially and abstractly, which can be challenging for some students. Other common struggles include:

  1. Spatial visualization and reasoning: Students may have difficulty picturing geometric shapes in their minds, especially when they are asked to imagine them in different orientations or perspectives.
  2. Geometric vocabulary: Geometry has many specific terms, such as lines, angles, vertices, and planes, students may struggle to remember.
  3. Applying concepts: Students may have trouble applying the concepts they have learned to solve real-world problems or to answer questions that require them to think critically.
  4. Memorizing formulas: Geometry often involves memorizing formulas, such as the area and perimeter of different shapes. Students may struggle to remember these formulas or understand how to use them in different situations.
  5. Working with proofs: As students progress through geometry, they may be asked to write and understand geometric proofs. This requires a high level of abstract thinking and logical reasoning, which can be challenging for some students.
  6. Graphing skills: Geometry often involves graphing shapes on coordinate planes or plotting points. Students may struggle with graphing skills, including understanding the x-y axis and using the correct scale.

Why Find Geometry Tutoring?

Our tutors can address these specific challenges middle school students have by providing individualized attention, using visual aids, providing extra practice, reviewing and clarifying classroom material, demonstrating problem-solving strategies, and providing feedback and encouragement. Our geometry tutors are committed to helping students overcome their struggles and reach their full potential in geometry.

How our Geometry tutors create results

Geometry tutors help students succeed in academic career

Personalized Instruction

By working one-on-one with your child, our geometry tutors are able to identify and address specific weaknesses and tailor their instruction to meet individual learning needs. Using visual aids, certain strategies, and extra practice problems, they help students to build their understanding and confidence in geometry. By providing constructive feedback and encouragement, they create a supportive learning environment that helps students to achieve success.

in-home & online tutoring

MathTowne has online tutoring as well as in-home for whatever suits your needs. We guarantee our in-home tutors are professional, safe, and knowledgeable for your peace of mind. 

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Learn more about our Middle School Geometry Tutoring Program

In middle school Geometry, students are provided the crucial math skills that will help them in their academic journey. Students build on these skills and apply them to real-world applications, subsequent math courses, as well standardized testing.

One major obstacle for many students in the classroom is the inability to adhere to the pace of the lessons. This is an inevitability, given the number of students in a class. It is often difficult for a teacher to address every student’s individual needs. Students who fall behind or are simply confused about certain lessons often struggle to find an answer.

It helps to be informed of what this course entails to ensure success.

What to Expect in Middle School Geometry

In Middle School Geometry, students develop their understanding of Geometry and learn to apply basic Geometry tools to more in-depth concepts.

They will expand on their knowledge by studying angles, lines, polygons (like triangles and quadrilaterals). They may also be introduced to rudimentary trigonometric concepts.

How MathTowne’s Program Can Help You Succeed

At Mathtowne, students will have the opportunity to build various mathematical skills beyond understanding concepts. Our program allows students to exercise problem solving and reasoning toward geometric concepts.

Our team of tutors will also adjust strategies and tools to match each student’s needs.

Significance and Impact of Middle School Geometry

We believe Pre-Algebra and Geometry are the most useful math courses to master before moving to more difficult classes.

The fundamentals students learn in these courses are needed for computer science, physics, algebra 2, pre-calculus, and many other colleges and high school math classes.

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