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MathTowne is based in San Jose, CA. We offer one-on-one in person or online tutoring. Our team includes Pre-Calculus tutors in San Jose, Santa Clara, and the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide you with a vetted and professional private tutor to make PreCalculus become your child’s strong point. Our math tutors can meet in-person in the comfort of your own home, or remotely through a tablet or computer.

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If your child finds Pre-Calculus homework and instruction to be overwhelming, you may need to hire a tutor. It’s very common for students to need PreCalculus help. Almost all students benefit from working one-on-one with a private tutor. Our expert math and science tutors look forward to helping your child to be successful in their Pre-Calculus class.

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Study skills & test-taking Strategies

Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary support for students to succeed in their academic goals. Our expert math tutors have many years of experience helping math students to form productive habits.

These include time management, study skills, and test-taking strategies. These fundamental skills enable students to pass by overcoming the challenges of achieving academic excellence.

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MathTowne has PreCalculus help online as well as in-home for whatever suits your needs. We guarantee our in-home tutors are professional, safe, and knowledgeable for your peace of mind.

If you choose to do remote lessons, we have some of the best online math tutors for PreCalculus available. Our online PreCalc tutors love to teach math and are highly experienced in conducting fun and effective lessons.

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Our team tutors high school students at all levels of math. We ensure improvement in student performance in all aspects of their academics. We provide an in-depth breakdown of all subject matter, tailored to the curriculum of their school. Our instructors are ready to answer your child’s questions and resolve his or her Pre-Calc problems. We work with students and help them establish learning plans for effective Pre-Calculus prep.

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Our tutors provide the level of support that will help students achieve high level expectations.  A positive attitude towards math is key to success. We teach with a supportive approach where decision making, risk taking, and self-confidence are highly encouraged.

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Anh has been very helpful to my son over the past few years. She’s helped him with math and chemistry. I appreciate that she made him accountable but also took careful measure in understanding how he grasped the information.

– Laure

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PreCalculus is fairly unique as the topics covered are quite often dependent on the school. Broadly speaking, these are the general topics that should be covered in the class:

Precalculus topics

  • Solve and graph polynomials
  • Understand Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series
  • Investigate Rational Functions 
  • Solve Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Understand basic Linear Algebra including vectors and Matrices
  • Cover more Probability and Statistics
  • Understand Conics: Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyberbola
  • Learn Trigonometric Identities and funtions 
  • Understand trigonometric functions and their inverses
  • Law of sines and cosines

Frequently Asked Questions

While Precalculus and Algebra do have some overlaps, Pre-Calc will also include trigonometry concepts. Pre-Calc is intended to be a preparatory course to ensure students’ readiness for Calculus. 

PreCalculus generally focuses on algebraic content mastery to help students prepare for Calculus. Upon completion of PreCalculus, students should be able to construct and follow proofs, handle basic trig (ie. sine, cosine, tangent), and be able to understand the real-world application of mathematical modeling. 

In Calculus, you would be expected to handle integrals and derivatives. Students would be expected to define, evaluate, and manipulate these two points. They would also be expected to understand the relationship between these two points. 

This will depend on the school and what class you would like to skip. If the math class has a pre-calc requirement, it may not be possible for you to skip pre-calc. The best way for you to skip pre-calc is to speak to your math teachers and counselors at your school. In the end, you may simply need to show proficiency via test or completion of similar coursework.