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MathTowne offers one-on-one AP US History Tutoring in the San Jose Bay Area. We provide you with a vetted and professional private tutor to make APUSH become your child’s strong point. Our math tutors can meet in person in the comfort of your own home, or remotely through a tablet or computer.

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If your child finds the AP US History concepts to be overwhelming, you may need to hire a tutor. It’s very common for students to need History help. 

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students studying with ap us history tutors.

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Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary support for students to succeed in their academic goals. Our highly experienced history tutors help students to form productive habits.

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What is the AP US History Exam?

What is APUSH?

The AP US History exam is a standardized test administered by the College Board, which assesses a student’s knowledge of American history from pre-Columbian eras to the present day.

It consists of multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, document-based questions, and an essay section. This exam is designed to challenge students and evaluate their college-level understanding of US history.

Scoring well on the AP US History exam can provide students with advanced college credit and prepare them for success in post-secondary education.

How is the AP US History Exam scored?

The AP US History exam is scored on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible score. Each section of the exam is weighted differently:

  • multiple-choice questions account for 40% of the overall score,
  • short answer questions account for 20%,
  • the FRQ section accounts for 40%.

To receive a passing score, students typically need to score at least a 3, although some colleges may require a higher score for advanced credit. Scoring well on the AP US History exam can demonstrate a student’s mastery of the subject and potentially earn them college credits, which can save time and money in the long run.

How long is the APUSH?

The AP US History exam is a lengthy test that takes approximately three hours and fifteen minutes to complete. The exam is divided into two sections, with a 10-minute break in between.

The first section consists of multiple-choice and short-answer questions and lasts for 1 hour and 35 minutes.

The second section is comprised of document-based questions and an essay section and lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

It is important for students to pace themselves during the exam to ensure they have enough time to complete each section thoroughly.

Is AP US History Hard?

To prepare for the AP US History exam, students need to have a comprehensive understanding of American history from pre-Columbian times to the present day.

They should be familiar with significant events, people, and movements that have shaped the nation’s history and understand the impact of these developments on American society.

Additionally, students should be able to analyze primary and secondary sources critically and synthesize historical information to develop well-supported arguments. Effective time management and the ability to write clear and concise essays are also essential to success on the AP US History exam.

AP US History Exam Format

section 1A

Multiple choice 

There are 55 questions

Students have 55 minutes to complete Section 1A. 

This part of the test counts as 40% of the exam score.

section 1B

Short answer 

There are 3 short answer questions

Students have 40 minutes to complete Section 1B. 

This part of the test counts as 20% of the exam score.

Section 2A


There is 1 document-based question.

Students have 60 minutes to complete Section 2A (including a 15-minute reading period)

It is worth 25% of the total AP Exam Score.

Section 2B

Long essay

There is 1 long essay question.

Students are given 40 minutes to complete section 2B.

It is worth 15% of the total AP Exam Score.

What topics are on ap us history?


  • Unit 1 – Period 1: 1491-1607(4%-6%)
  • Unit 2 – Period 2: 1607-1754 (6%-8%)
  • Unit 3 – Period 3: 1754-1800 (10%-17%)
  • Unit 4 – Period 4: 1800-1848 (10%-17%)
  • Unit 5 – Period 5: 1844-1877 (10%-17%)
  • Unit 6 – Period 6: 1865-1898 (10%-17%)
  • Unit 7 – Period 7: 1890-1945 (10%-17%)
  • Unit 8 – Period 8: 1945-1980 (10%-17%)
  • Unit 9 – Period 9: 1980-Present (4%-6%)


  • Analyzing primary and secondary sources
  • Evaluating the claims, evidence, and reasoning in sources
  • Applying historical developments in the context
  • Drawing connections between historical developments
  • Coming up with a claim or thesis
  • Explaining and supporting the historical claims in writing

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is difficult to determine which exam is easier, as it largely depends on the individual student’s strengths and interests. Some students may find AP US History easier because they have a stronger understanding of American history and its context. Others may find AP World History easier because they are interested in global events and have a knack for analyzing patterns and connections between different cultures and time periods. Ultimately, both exams require a significant amount of studying and preparation, and each student should choose the exam that aligns with their strengths and interests.

AP US History, or APUSH, is a challenging course that covers a vast array of topics related to American history. Essential questions in APUSH help guide student learning and understanding of key concepts and themes. These questions are designed to promote critical thinking and analysis and may include topics such as the impact of colonization on Native American populations, the causes and consequences of the Civil War, and the role of women and minorities in shaping American society.

By engaging with these essential questions, students can develop a deeper understanding of American history and the forces that have shaped it over time. For example, a common question in AP US History is how did the development of cities like Boston play a role in shaping early American society and politics? The city of Boston played a significant role in the American Revolution, serving as the site of the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre.

To study for the AP US History exam, it is important to start early and stay organized. Begin by reviewing the course material and identifying key concepts, events, and figures. Create study guides, flashcards, and summaries to help you remember important information. Practice analyzing primary and secondary sources and writing essays in the format required by the exam. Take practice tests and review your mistakes to identify areas that need improvement. Utilize online resources, such as review videos and study guides, to supplement your studying. Lastly, make sure to get plenty of rest and eat well in the days leading up to the exam to ensure you are in the best possible mental and physical state on test day.

The Princeton Review offers comprehensive study materials, including practice tests, review books, and online resources, to help students prepare for the AP US History exam. This test prep material can give students the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed on exam day.

A good AP score for Ivy League schools is typically a score of 4 or 5. These scores indicate that the student has a strong understanding of the subject matter and is capable of handling advanced coursework. However, it is important to note that Ivy League schools also consider other factors such as GPA, extracurricular activities, and essays, so a high AP score alone is not a guarantee for admission. Nonetheless, achieving a good AP score can certainly improve a student’s chances of being accepted to one of these highly competitive institutions.