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Are you struggling with the sat READING portion?

SAT Reading Tutor can help students raise SAT score

If you find that you are struggling on the SAT English section, you are not alone. Many students around the nation have a similar problem.

The ideal minimum composite score on the SAT is 1200, so many share the struggle of breaking through to the 600 range in the Reading & Writing section. This is especially true if math is not your strong suit.

Increasing your Reading score is a great way to reach your SAT score goal. Scoring well on the SAT Reading has the added benefit of reducing the pressure on the SAT Math and Writing portion. Remember, the composite score is a combination of the Math Section and the combined raw score Reading & Writing section. The higher the composite score, the greater chance the student has of pleasing the college admission.

How a Private SAT Reading Tutor can help boost your English Score

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Looking for an SAT Reading tutor near you? MathTowne offers one-on-one SAT Test Prep in San Jose, CA and to the Bay Area, CA. We provide you with a vetted and professional private tutor to make SAT preparation simple and fun. We guarantee our instructors have years of experience in all sections of the SAT.

Online & In-person Tutoring

Our private SAT tutors can meet in person in the comfort of your own home, or remotely through a tablet or computer. We make it easy for you to find a tutor who fits you. Our team utilizes our prep course to work with students and help them prepare. 

We ensure improvement in student performance. We provide an in-depth breakdown of all SAT Reading practice tests. Students are assured improvement in English and Math sections. Students are given plenty SAT Reading tips to improve their scores.

Our instructors explain the course material and help students learn how to study subject matter effectively.

How our customized SAT program creates results

Expert sat tutors

Our SAT tutors have years of experience helping students to succeed on their SAT exams. Every session is customized and targeted towards each student’s unique needs.

We provide you with two specialists – an SAT math tutor and an SAT English tutor. This ensures our tutors can truly provide detailed instruction and in-depth help for each subject.

SAT Practice Tests

Every student will improve their SAT score by building their test stamina. We provide our students with regular full-length practice tests that help them build their stamina and confidence for the real thing.

Our tutors then use detailed analyses of each test in order to provide feedback, targeted instruction, and guidance.


To further enhance the SAT course, we also teach time management, study skills, and test-taking strategies. These fundamental skills enable students to better overcome the challenges of the SATs and greatly improve their scores.

measurable results

We work with you and your family to set realistic and achievable goals from the start. We tailor our program to meet your individual needs and make sure all expectations are clear and understood. This allows us to guarantee measurable results.

We provide you with a detailed analysis and breakdown of each practice test, regular progress updates, and a results-oriented plan for continuous improvement.

I worked with Anh and her team to prepare me for my SAT as well as my high school courses. She and her team allowed me to perform great in all sections of the test. Would recommend them to anyone looking to raise test scores and gain more knowledge on a topic.


How our SAT Prep Program works


Schedule your full-length diagnostic test

This takes a minute and is free with no obligation to sign up


Take the diagnostic test on your own schedule

We recommend taking the test in one sitting and starting it at the same time of day that the real SAT would be taken around 8:30 am – 9:00 am


Free consultation to review the results

We provide you with a detailed result analysis, score breakdown and discuss any questions you may have.


Fully customized Program

Based on the diagnostic results, your target score, timeline, and availability, we provide you with a fully personalized SAT test prep package proposal.


MathTowne Test Prep Portal

Once you choose the package options and sign up, we provide you with log-in credentials to our SAT portal. The portal includes over 2,000 practice questions with video solutions


Flexible scheduling

We provide you with a complete schedule and program plan that covers lesson 1 all the way to the day of the SAT test. Along the way, we are flexible and able to accommodate scheduling changes as well as increased or decreased need for tutoring based on the progress being made.


Adaptive Instruction

One-on-one lessons, assignments, custom quizzes, and areas of focus are adjusted session by session.


Regular full-length practice tests

Throughout the program, we administer full-length practice tests. This ensures students are building their test stamina as well as provides a measurable output to track progress. The detailed analysis of each test further guides our tutors on exactly what areas to focus their instruction on.


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When is a good time to take the SAT?

Most students take the SAT in Junior year.

The College Board assumes that most students, by the time they are taking the test, will either be taking or have gone through test-applicable coursework, particularly in math. Most students will have covered them in materials that will be covered on the test by this time, if not earlier. 

Every student’s academic journey is different

While English academic courses vary much more than math, most students will come away with similar skills for Reading by their Junior year if not earlier.

For the Reading Section, reading comprehension is key. The SAT asks students to analyze the objective information given. 

Regardless of elected GPA English classes, most students will have covered the necessary skills for the SAT by the time they consider taking the SAT. It is more a matter of honing said skills.

Science Questions are key to the SAT Reading and Writing

There is a greater emphasis on science documents overall. Particularly, the SAT Reading test is not subjective in its answer choices. Therefore, students should focus on examining hypotheses, analyzing given data, and considering the passage’s implications.

Do not put off taking the SAT

Regardless of where a student is at in their academic journey, do not put off taking the SAT simply because you are unsure of your Reading proficiency. It is more important to have made an attempt at the SAT earlier rather than later. Students should not prioritize completing a course over taking the exam.

What Reading topics are on the SAT English Test?

Close Reading

  • Cite text as evidence
  • Author’s intention + method
  • Support/refute claim
  • Characters’ feelings/motivations
  • Identify cause + effect
  • Compare and Contra
  • Inference
  • Detail

Reading ANalysis

  • Purpose of paragraph
  • Main purpose of passage
  • Main theme of passage (Lit)
  • Tone/attitude
  • Informational Graphic
  • Summarizing paragraph
  • Words in context
  • Overall Textual Structure

Understanding The SAT English Sections


Questions: 52 multiple-choice

Time: 65 minutes 

This section tests a student’s overall reading skill, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, and ability to find evidence in context.

This section includes 5 passages, each ranging from 500-750 words. The subject of the passages includes fiction, social science, and science.

No point deductions for incorrect answers


Questions: 44 multiple choice

Time: 35 minutes

This section tests a student’s knowledge of English language conventions, grammar, mechanics, as well as an understanding of style and tone.

This section includes 4 passages, each ranging from 400-450 words of various levels of complexity.

No point deductions for incorrect answers.

is a good SAT English Score important?

Good Composite score

Increasing your English score is a great way to reach your SAT score goal. Scoring well on the SAT Reading & Writing has the added benefit of reducing the pressure on the Math portion.

Remember, the composite score is a combination of the Math Section and the Reading & Writing section, so increasing the math takes half of the score up. The higher the composite score, the greater chance the student has of pleasing the college admission.

College Admissions

Reading & Writing is major component of all aspects of your academic as well as professional career. Scoring higher on your SAT will give the College Admission Committee a good indicator of your capabilities.  

Students who do well indicate they are able to analyze the written evidence, understand words in context, and understand works at a high caliber. Students also indicate the ability to identify effective language use, development, and organization in professional writing.

How to get 800 on SAT English?

Are you confident in your content knowledge, but are finding yourself hitting a wall with your SAT Reading & Writing score? Are you doing well, but find yourself unable to break the 600-750 score range? If you want to raise your score to the perfect 800, it is not impossible!

It should come as no surprise that scoring 800 on the SAT Reading & Writing section is no easy feat. That is not to say it is out of your reach. With some extra help, MathTowne can definitely get you to perfection, or at the very least, very close to it. 

Get help from a tutor or mentor

Tutors can help with strategies to help eliminate wrong answers. Student can then quickly and easily find correct answers. Maybe reading comprehension is not the issue but students might have a different challenge. Many students struggle to read the questions and understand what is being asked.  For many students, it is particularly difficult to improve on the SAT Reading section for this reason. 

More often than not, it is not even a case of subject mastery, but understanding the test itself. Be sure to look into test taking strategies or discuss them with your tutors to increase your performance.

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