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MathTowne is a great source for one-on-one in-person and online math tutor for adults in the San Jose Bay Area. We provide you with a vetted and professional private tutor to make math become your strong point. Our math tutor for adults can meet based on your convenience. Private tutors can meet in-person in the comfort of your own home or remotely through a tablet or computer.

The benefit of Math tutoring for Adults

If you find some mathematical concepts to be overwhelming, you may need to hire a tutor. It’s not uncommon for adults to need help improving their math skills. Almost all people benefit from working one-on-one with a private math tutor for adults. 

Our expert teachers look forward to teaching math and helping you! 

Tutored adults will feel confident and be successful in their math courses and tests.


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Learn Study skills with an expert math tutor for adults

Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary support for students and adults of all ages to succeed in their goals. Our expert math tutor for adults in San Jose have many years of experience teaching math and helping to refine productive habits. 

These include time management, study skills, and test-taking strategies for study and test preparation. These fundamental skills enable you to better overcome the challenges of achieving your goal, academic or vocational.

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MathTowne provides online tutoring services as well as in-home for whatever suits your needs. We guarantee our in-home tutors are professional, safe, and knowledgeable for your peace of mind. 

If you choose to do remote lessons, we have some of the best online math tutors for adults. Our online math tutors loves to teach and are highly experienced in conducting targeted and effective lessons. Online students can expect the same degree of success for study and test preparation.


Personalized math tutoring for adults

Our math tutors for adults will develop personalized study designs to address your needs. Regardless of where you are at in your understanding of math, our customized program will ensure you get great results. We guarantee our instruction will benefit each individual. Whether they are struggling or simply need that extra push to pass a test, we are there.  

Our main goal is to help adults to feel confident when it comes to facing math. We know many people have a history of not liking or not doing well in high school math. Our math tutors are patient and friendly and genuinely want to help you succeed. 

A private in-person or online math tutor for adults can guide you through any anxieties. They can help you overcome the barriers that may exist when it comes to doing math. Especially in a timed testing environment!

Supportive learning environment

Our tutoring sessions provide students with a learning environment that fosters self-efficacy and self-confidence. Our tutors value positive verbal and non-verbal communication as a central part of the teaching process. 

We provide one-on-one attention. The individual needs and experience of each student are the focal point of lesson planning. We promote a positive environment to motivate students further their success in their academic and career goals. Our facility is characterized by respect, cooperation, and care. 

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Many academic and vocational opportunities are available to adults seeking to expand their horizons. These opportunities usually include a placement exam in which math is a vital portion of the test. MathTowne’s in-person and online math tutors for adults are ready to assist adult students to score well!

General Educational Development (GED)

GED is a test given to students who want to obtain an academic equivalent to those of High school graduates.

GED comprises four subjects including mathematical reasoning.

The GED math test covers algebra, data analysis, geometry statistics, and probability. 

accuplacer Test

The Accuplacer Test is a series of subjects that test students on their reading, writing, and math skills.

The test is administered by a college administration to place students at their proper school level.

The mathematical part of the test focuses on the student’s understanding of quantitative reasoning, algebra, and statistics.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is designed to test health science and nursing students before beginning their health science program. Health students will be tested on various subjects including mathematics. 

The test is made of 38 math questions related to problem-solving, interpreting graphs, algebra, and measurements and data.  The math portion is 57 minutes long and only 34 out of the 38 questions will be scored. 

Health Education System (HESI)

Health Education System for admission assessment (HESI) is a standardized test for admission into the nursing program.

The HESI exam tests students in 8 different areas including math.

The basic math skills test is made of 55 questions completed within 50 minutes.

Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is designed to assess new army recruits in their knowledge skills and future occupations.

The ASVAB math portion of the exam is created to test participants on various concepts. These include fractions, percentages, basic algebra, exponents, and logarithms. The test comprises 16 questions in 20 minutes.

Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)

Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) is a standardized test divided into verbal and mathematical skills for new recruits.

Participants should be able to solve a variety of math problems including geometry, proportions, ratios, integers, and percentages. There are two math sections on test, each with 25 questions. The Math Knowledge section must be completed within 29 minutes and the Arithmetic Reasoning section within 22 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online tutoring resource for adults?

For general concept review, Khan Academy is an excellent resource. There are many other resources online including IXL Math and the NROC Project. For adults looking for extra help, Mathtowne offers a personalized tutoring service that focuses on their individual needs.

What level of math is on the AFOQT?

What kind of math is on the ASVAB for the U.S. Military?