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If you are applying for scholarships, you may need to submit an essay for the application. This will depend on the scholarship itself and the requirements from the organization (many scholarships do not require essays at all). Here are some tips to help you get started on the process.

Types of Scholarships

A scholarship provides money that you will not have to pay back when you’re finished with school (unlike loans that you have to pay back with interest).

Main Types of Scholarships:
College Essays vs Scholarship Essays
What makes a scholarship essay different from a college essay?
College Essays
Scholarship Essays:
Getting Started
How do I write a successful scholarship essay?
Helpful Steps To a Scholarship Essay:
Step 1
Look over the instructions
Step 1
Step 2
Research the organization:
1) Look up their website and social media accounts
2) Learn about their mission, values, and goals
3) Make sure you align with these values!
Step 2
Step 3
Think about how you relate to the organization’s mission and how you have reflected this in your life, talk about a specific moment or experience where you demonstrated this
Step 3
Step 4
Follow standard essay formatting
Step 4
Step 5
Proofread when you’re finished, review the instructions again before submitting your essay to make sure you didn’t miss anything
Step 5

Since scholarship committees are looking for students who will be a good representation of their organization, they want someone who genuinely cares about what they stand for. If this is not you, then look for a different scholarship that is focused on a cause or field that you’re interested in. There are many to choose from!

More Tips
How do I refine my scholarship essay?

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