The Common App & the Coalition App: What Are They?

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The Common App 
the Coalition App

The Common App and the Coalition App are both application systems that allow students to use one application to apply to multiple schools. They are sometimes seen as “rivals” with some people believing the Coalition App was created as a replacement to the long-established Common App. This is not true. These applications were created as resources for students applying to college and both have their own specialties. Students can use either application, both applications, or neither depending on what schools they are applying to and what they prefer. 

Read on to see how the Common App and Coalition App could be helpful for you in your college application process!

How are the Common App and Coalition App Similar?
How Are They Different?
Common App
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Coalition App
Which Application Should I Use?
It’s entirely up to you!

You can choose to use one, both, or neither. It all depends on the schools you are applying to, especially since some schools use neither application. The biggest question is whether you want an application where you can apply to more schools or an application that prioritizes financial assistance. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you’re not sure, take a look at both websites and see what schools each application includes. Figuring out which schools to apply to can be difficult, but this is a good first step!

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