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We Are The MathTowne Team.
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Anh Towne

math instructor

Anh sets the vision and oversees the day-to-day operations at MathTowne. She received her B.S. in Applied Mathematics and M.S. in Statistics & Data Science from Cal Poly Pomona. After starting her career in data science, she quickly realized that teaching is her true passion and has now spent more than 10 years tutoring all levels of math and most standardized tests. Anh also creates the visual content, digital curriculum, and interactive material to enrich MathTowne's educational resources. Her goal is to make learning fun, engaging, and approachable.

Ari Ryan


Ari works with Anh to ensure MathTowne provides the most advanced and complete services as possible. He graduated from UCSB with a degree in Applied Mathematics and has over 15 years working as a Medical Device Engineer. A lifelong passion in botany and horticulture has led him to obtain a certificate in Nutritional Farming and a deep understanding of soil, plant, and human nutrition. One of his primary goals is to enlighten our students with important nutritional knowledge in order to help them be more successful, happy, and healthy in their lives.

Truccey Nguyen-Do

English instructor

Truccey enjoys tutoring students in History and English. She received her BA in History and minor in Japanese at San Jose State University. After graduation, she worked for two years as both English Teacher and Sales Marketer for a private school in Japan. She has over 7 years of experience tutoring SAT English and 6 years teaching English to students of all ages. After her time working abroad and in-states, she is experienced with working with students at all levels of English familiarity. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places, while also taking time for rest and relaxation at home with Hannibal the cat.

Janet Nelson

College Admissions & Essay Specialist

Janet helps to counsel and navigate the college application process for students at Mathtowne. After receiving her B.A. in English Literature and Psychology from UC Davis, and inspired by cognitive psychology, she sought out tutoring for its unique ability to personalize learning for individuals. With three years as an SAT and college preparation tutor, her specialty is guiding MathTowne’s aspiring writers and college applicants through the process of finding their voices, and preparing them for the challenges of academic writing ahead. When not teaching, she is probably analyzing the narrative structure of Disney movies.

Iris Rivera

Science & Spanish Tutor

Iris enjoys helping students in Spanish and Biology. She has over 5 years experienced tutoring Spanish from K to 12. She received her B.S. in Molecular Biology at Monterey State University. Iris' proudest achievement is her Nasa publication during her Summer Internship at Nasa Ames. After Graduation, Iris worked for a pharmaceutical and Biotech company. As a mother of two Iris understands the struggles of a lot of her students and her goal as a tutor is to improve work, study habits, and to increase confidence in her students. In her free time Iris enjoys walking her two dogs Elmo (the Frenchie) and Troy (the terrier).

Alana Lamberson

Content Writer

Alana is MathTowne's researcher and writer extraordinaire. She enjoys assisting students by providing helpful tips and resources in her many blog posts. She has covered topics such as study tips, college applications, test prep, financial aid, and more. She graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Sonoma State University and loves creative writing, exploring the outdoors, and stopping to pet dogs on the street. She has worked as a Peer Mentor helping first-year freshmen with the transition from high school to college and also has experience working with nonprofits that specialize in education and community outreach.

Andrea Litto

Distance Learning Advisor

Andrea is a creative entrepreneur who founded SiliconHouse in 2012, where she has helped more than 200 startups find their paths to success. Andrea is also an avid researcher in the present and future of distance learning. She was a participant and contributor to the 2019 International EDU Summit focused on Learners and learning contexts: New alignments for the digital age, and is an active member of the Brazilian Association of Distance Education. Her knowledge of the workings of the digital world permits her to guide entities that are at either mature or initiating stages.

Wedge Martin

Advisor for Software & Education technology

Wedge works for Amazon Web Services advising their larger enterprise customers. He is the co-founder of Badgeville, a startup that raised $40 million in its first two years and pioneered Gamification in Silicon Valley. Wedge also co-founded Arqetype in 2013 which was acquired by Vivo Technology, who has offerings in the educational space using game psychology to motivate students to achieve higher goals in academia and in their personal lives. Being a proud parent, Wedge is passionate about the ways that technology can be used to positively drive student learning across many learning platforms.

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