College Tips

Our team provides students with the best resources regarding their college admissions. We help develop an academic plan that is both ideal and manageable.

Many students often overlook valuable opportunities that could increase their chances at college admission. By providing a trustworthy and informed platform for communication, our team will be able to help students make concrete decisions for their future.

High School Academic Timeline

Freshman Year
  • Join a Club
  • Plan for AP classes
  • Volunteer in Your Free Time
  • Learn a Sport or an Instrument
  • This is a good time to start SAT prep!
Sophomore Year
  • Study for Your PSAT
  • Take Subject Tests
  • Seek Out Leadership Positions in School
  • Participate in Summer Enrichment Programs
Junior Year
  • Take PSAT 11
  • Continue Extracurriculars
  • Take SAT/ACT
  • Take AP Exams
  • Collect Letters of Recommendation
  • Visit College Campus
  • Start Brainstorming for College Essays
Senior Year
  • Last Opportunity for SAT/ACT
  • Take Subject Tests
  • Take AP Exams
  • Write & Submit College Essays/Applications
  • Tour & Interview Prospective College
  • Finish Strong!
girl holding diploma walking to university isometric illustration
Start Your New Journey!
Congratulations! You arrived at the summit of your high school journey. Contact your chosen college in Spring, and follow their orientation schedule to ensure a smooth transition into your next big journey!
girl holding diploma walking to university isometric illustration